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At Gladstone Tyres & Autocare we MOT, service and repair in excess of 10,000 cars and vans of York annually. Every car or van or motorcycle over 3 years old by law requires an official MOT test as per DVSA guidelines. Rest assured that with our customer service and technical experience you will be in safe hands.

Book your MOT in York online today in real time using our online MOT booking system. A quick and simple way to find the date and time that suits your schedule, all you need to do is enter a few basic details and your vehicles registration and all available times for the specified date will be available for you to choose from. We can send out MOT reminders for the following year.

The MOT is an annual inspection that is compulsory for any vehicle over three years of age from it’s date of registration. It involves dozens of checks across your vehicle, ranging from safety features to exhaust emissions.

Once the inspection is complete the inspecting technician will be able to advise on whether your vehicle has passed or failed, highlighting any major faults preventing a pass and notifying you on any minor issues that would be worth addressing before they develop into major faults themselves.